John Wilson


John’s interest in art was kindled at the age of 10 when he won a school Easter Card Competition and won the prestigious first prize. Two years later a Christmas present of oil paints and an easel changed everything. Forty years on and that easel is still in use and John’s art career has taken off.

After attending Harrogate School of Art for two years John discovered figure painting and pop art. But it wasn’t until the mid 1990’s that John could really refocus on his art, three children and 25 years running his own business did not leave the time to truly pursue his childhood passion, though he never put the paints away entirely.

In 2013 John experimented with 3D artwork, creating a truly engaging genre of work. The pieces have truly taken the country by storm as these stunning and unique pieces allow viewers to interact with these beautifully painted pieces, and changing people's perceptions of modern art.  

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