Janine Wing


I am a self taught artist from St.Ives, Cornwall-now not living in the town, but just outside in the wild hills. I have been exhibiting in and around Cornwall for the past 17 years. My work is mixed media, paper cut collage from images I have been collecting for years. it is very intuitive and often sub-concious, I don't start my work with a finished painting in mind -i let the paint and images take its own form. 

A huge inspiration for me is the wild Cornish landscape which surrounds me, hidden worlds such as dreams, mysticism, symbolism and spirituality. West penwith for those who don't know it is the very tip of Cornwall. Surrounded by sea, beautiful beaches and coves, covered in hills and bleak moorland. It is steaped in history from ancient pagan sites to industrial mining. The 'spirit' of penwith is very different from the rest of Cornwall and I am just one of hundreds that is inspired by its beauty and magic.
One element which is constant in my work is a wild feminine presence-the images of women I use all have a strong, defiant air-as if speaking directly to you-telling you their story.  

The reasons for this choice of image are numerous, and as I have said often sub-concious-maybe it's the feminist in me, maybe my interest in the feminine divinity, but over the years I have realised my work is very autobiographical. The colours/images seem to reflect my inner landscape and with my use of symbolism in the birds, flowers etc, if you know how to read them you can better understand the story that is trying to be told.

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