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Our 2nd Birthday with Dale Bowen

What a day!

Our early Christmas present, a surprise visit from Peter and Jayne Smith spoilt us so much that we decided we would celebrate our 2nd birthday early too. The whimsical Dale Bowen came up on Saturday 21st of March for his first visit ever to Lincoln and special meet and greet at The Little Red Gallery. We couldn't resist the opportunity to break out the cakes, wine and lollypops and make Dale the guest of honour at our party.

As you'd expect from his art, Dale was fantastic fun. A jovial, engaging and very down to earth talent with a penchant for bright colours, happy creatures and good laughs. Dale charmed everyone who dropped in to say hi and pick up some gorgeous art. We would like to extend huge thanks to all the wonderful people who stopped by to meet Dale and send off our 2nd year with a bang!

Dale Bowen meeting some fans and new friends.

Dale making everyone's day

Spreading a little happiness

Dale presenting Pirate Sheep

Dale Bowen signing paintings

To make our 3rd year extra special we have been hard at work bringing some of the greatest talents in contemporary art to Lincolnshire. Lincoln has been so good to us we want to give something back to the community and bringing little bursts of colour, life and happiness to our historic city. As much as we love having the art on the walls nothing compares to having the artists themselves in to discuss the work, give you a glimpse of their creative process and have a good laugh.

First up for our third year will be Mary Shaw on the 25th of April. Mary has been a firm favourite in the gallery since we opened, especially in the Spring time which inspires so many of her beautiful floral landscapes. We will be filling our front room floor to ceiling with lovely originals closer to the date but as we already have a gorgeous collection adorning our front room so feel free to drop in for a preview of what's to come. Mary Shaw only does original paintings so every one is completely unique but don't miss the chance to meet her in person and make yours extra special with a signed dedication!