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Peter and Jayne Smith Surprise Visit!

Christmas came early to The Little Red Gallery this year with a surprise visit from fantastic artist couple Peter and Jayne Smith! As you can see above Hazel, Bethany and Ashley we delighted to have Peter and Jayne in the gallery. The timing could not have been better as we got in our exciting new Peter Smith sculptures this week.

There was much giddy talk about bunnies, anyone who has spoken to Ashley and Jayne will know they are kindred spirits when it comes to fluffy, flopsy creatures, and art. Unsurprisingly Kate Wyatt's rabbit and hair paintings caught Jaynes eye while walking around the gallery. We could resist the opportunity to have these great artists sign our wall of fame and Peter did special dedications on the backs of his lovely paintings. 

Such a treat!

Peter Smith

Jayne Smith

December kicked off with a bang right in the first week with the world renowned Lincoln Christmas Market. Celebrating it's 32nd Birthday, the market is still going strong and as popular as ever. With just short of 300 different stalls spread all around the Castle, Cathedral and the award winning Bailgate area, the Lincoln Christmas market is as close as you will come to festive time machine. As always we had our doors open as long as there was still people soaking up the atmosphere, mince pies and mulled wine. Thursday was so much fun that even by 10pm we couldn't bring ourselves to close the doors and instead turned the music up loud and danced the night away in our front room, soon joined by a load of like minded revellers off the street fearer for a dance.